NTUA’s Physical Education

About NTUA’s Physical Education

Fitness and exercise are essential in education today. In the 21st century, the online generation is growing up in a highly-developed and modern society. We’reearning in an ever-changing environment, and as we communicate more online and less in-person, we face new challenges. Poor fitness, obesity, and ever-distant interpersonal relationships undoubtedly threaten our countries competitiveness and stability in this new era.

Our goal is to cultivate habits of good health and physical fitness. In the test of life, we all aim to score 100 (or better!). The 1 is represented by a healthy body; the first 0 wisdom, knowledge, and capability. Subsequent 0’s all represent a growing fortune. Of course, without that first 1, adding 0’s to our score won’t help in the least.

The Ministry of Education’s has a policy: “1 Person, 1 Progression.” Accordingly, it is our responsibility at the Sports Center to make full use of our facilities for the benefit not only individuals, but also to maintain a strong society.

Through sports and exercise, we can improve school cohesion, spirit, and morale. We can learn perseverance and how to encourage ourselves. We learn to respect rules, and how to bear ourselves with dignity. We at the NTUA Sport Center believe that our service can continue to promote school wide excellence in Academics, Teaching, and Athletics. By doing so, the artists here at NTUA will not only maintain their health, but also their ability to compete in our 21st century.